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  • What services Does Blue Poppy Floral provide?
    In addition to creating unique floral arrangements and selling gifts to our walk in customers, we also provide services for a wide variety of events. These events include but are not limited to: - Weddings - Memorials - Prom (Bouquets/ Corsages/ Boutonnieres) - Religious Observances - Fundraisers and Special Events - Weekly arrangements for your Home or Office If you have an idea for an event that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to work with you and create a unique floral solution for your event!
  • I want to begin gardening but don't know where to begin. Can Blue Poppy Floral help me get started?
    Blue Poppy Floral is happy to offer indoor/ outdoor plant, garden, and landscape consulting services for those looking at creative solutions to update and beautify their home. Feel free to contact us at your convenience to get started on your gardening journey!
  • Why should I shop at Blue Poppy Floral?
    At Blue Poppy Floral our main priority is YOU. We will work tirelessly to create unique and beautiful arrangements based on YOUR vision. Blue Poppy Floral is small family run business with roots in the Wedgwood neighborhood. Wedgwood is a small tight-knit community full of friendly folks who are both gracious and compassionate. So, when you shop with us at Blue Poppy Floral we hope to make you feel like a part of this vibrant and wonderful community. Whether you're looking for a succulent, or need floral services for an event we will always aim to exceed your expectations!
  • Does Blue Poppy deliver?
    Yes we do! Although the delivery fee depends on the distance from our location in Wedgwood. Additionally, we also can ship items throughout the US!
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